Betsy Springer, EdTech Specialists ConsultantBetsy Springer


Betsy Springer is a graduate of Kent State University and has 12 years experience in education, as a traditional classroom teacher, a virtual teacher, co-op teacher and homeschool mom. She enjoys serving as a liaison to families that are transitioning into a nontraditional education environment. Furthermore, she works with innovative curriculum that offers countless opportunities to individualize school to the needs of the students and their families. Betsy said she feels like she’s working for the students in a way she never did in the traditional classroom.

In addition to selecting, administering and grading curriculum, Betsy assists in customizing online virtual environments. In order to make Moodle more user-friendly for younger students, she developed a visual, point and click interface for delivering virtual content. Betsy also works with her school to facilitate communication between students, mentors, teachers and families.

Two philosophies drive Betsy’s approach to education…. “There is no one-size-fits-all answer to education” and “You are the expert on your child.”


Betsy was awarded an “Excellence in Education” grant and will attend the 2016 Moodle Moot in Los Angeles, California. She serves as the Moodle administrator for the Gull Lake Partnership. Her learning will allow her to tailor the content in Moodle to the needs of the students. The conference has Moodle users from around the country and internationally and her learning will be shared with the Partnership teachers and staff.