Cindy Fadel, EdTech Specialists ConsultantCindy Fadel


I’m not from the educational community. I’m from the homeschooling community.

My passion for uniting the traditional and non-traditional communities sparked an idea to explore partnerships between homeschoolers and public education. In 2009 I began my journey by hosting Meeting of the Minds, a weekend retreat of deep conversation. This brought me together with both a local and national group of community and some wonderful and passionate educators.

Soon after, I met Marsha Bahra and became a member of Consensus of Change Think Tank as one of its original members. I have been fortunate to be involved in the Michigan CoOp, many existing partnerships, and many other wonderful collaborations of education and community.

My passion is the creation and growth of partnerships between public education and non-traditional educators. As a citizen of this country, I am convinced that excellence in public education is critical to the survival of our democracy, no matter our individual choices for our own family.

– Cindy Fadel