Lisa Sitkins, EdTech Specialists ConsultantLisa Sitkins


I love to learn and believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the same passion for knowledge. That is why I am dedicated to finding creative and innovative ways to deliver learning. As adults we are a very diverse group of individuals. I am a morning person and most productive at that time of day. My brother, on the other hand, is most productive late at night. We’ve always been that way. Kids are no different. My own kids learn very differently from each other. One reads a lot, while the other is creative in figuring things out. Because people learn differently, we need to explore multiple options for engaging them in learning.

Over the years I have taught a variety of classes at various levels with different delivery methods. Throughout these experiences, my opinion about students learning differently has been strengthened. For example, not all middle or high school technology students worked at the same pace; high school business students excelled at project-based assignments; high school social studies students varied in their readiness to discuss social and political issues; online college students completed their business course work whenever it fit into their schedule. I firmly believe we need to offer families options for their children’s education, whether it be integrated technology in a traditional classroom, online education, video conferencing, work-based learning, or a variety of other options. Learning should meet the diverse needs of the learner, and can and should be fun.

I believe learning should be real. As a non-traditional college student, I was able to apply what I was learning to my job. It made a huge difference in my comprehension, application, and mastery of the material. My marketing students have shared with me how beneficial running the school store or creating and marketing products/services has been for them. Social studies students have written perceptive, in-depth thank you letters to the veterans after a field trip. I believe we need to make these types of real-life connections available for high school students, yet meet the rigor and depth of the standards.

While obtaining my business degrees and working in the business world, I believe I gained strong communication and organizational skills. These skills allow me to successfully communicate with a vast range of people. Whether clarifying content for a student, collaborating with a coworker, explaining a situation to a supervisor, describing a product to a customer, or negotiating with a vendor, I have been able to build lasting relationships using these skills. Students need these skills as well, and they can obtain them by wanting to learn.

My passion is for all students to enjoy learning, and to realize that learning takes place anywhere and everywhere throughout their entire lives.

– Lisa S. Sitkins