Marsha Bahra, President & CEOMarsha Bahra


As founder, President, and CEO of EdTech Specialists, I have learned and shared and grown with the evolving and transformative education options now available as technology enhances and enriches teaching and learning. Initially, my work included writing and implementing the first Seat Time Waivers in Michigan. This non-traditional approach to developing alternative delivery models of instruction has connected me with educators nationwide who share the passion to individualize learning while focusing on students’ academic and personal needs and goals.

My 30+ years of experience as a teacher in both brick-and-mortar and virtual environments have guided my work with EdTech Specialists. My consulting work with the Michigan Department of Education, assisting and guiding districts who were implementing technology-driven grants, connected me with visionary individuals throughout Michigan who are committed to providing students with engaging, self-paced options that allow and encourage students and parents to develop students’ personalized learning plans.

In 2009, I began to see the barriers that many educators were up against when seeking to create student-centric options for their students. It was at that time that I invited a group of people to work toward defining those barriers and determining how we might remove those barriers. The “Consensus for Change Think Tank”, the group of individuals who worked on defining the barriers, has become a strong voice in guiding Michigan educators, legislators, leaders, and decision makers.

Around the same time, I organized a group of districts with Leaders who formed a network of school districts known as the Michigan CoOp, early adopters of successful, efficient, and effective learning models. These Districts leverage each other’s strengths to create new opportunities for student learning and engagement. Cooperation and sharing of resources between districts have allowed each district to successfully offer their own unique program options for their students. Through collaboration, the MiCoOp offers initiatives that districts could not accomplish on their own.

I am proud of the work that I have done throughout my teaching career, as a consultant, and as a leader with EdTech Specialists and with the Consensus for Change Think Tank, the Day of Conversations, and Michigan CoOp. The people I have met and worked with in Michigan and across the country have provided me with the vision and hope for the future of our young people. It is an honor to be a part of the transformational movement in education that is currently taking place.

Marsha Bahra, Founder, President & CEO