Neil Bedell, EdTech Specialists Consultant

Neil Bedell


As a teacher, counselor, and administrator for over 30 years, I have educated students in the Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools, Fenton Area Schools and Clio Area Schools. During my career in these three districts, my work has been with a diverse populations of students including adults, alternative education, middle school, high school and homeschoolers.

My education includes a BA from the University of Michigan-Flint, a MA in Counseling from Central Michigan University, certification as a school counselor and Licenced Professional Counselor (LPC), and MA in School Administration from Eastern Michigan University. In addition to working in the public setting, I have been a therapist in a private counseling practice.

Although I have loved my career as a public school educator, I have discovered some new passions by assisting students in alternative approaches to educational delivery systems. Clio Area Schools is one of the few Michigan School Systems that has participated in the Early College Expansion Partnership (SECEP). The primary goal of SECEP is to implement the Early College Model in local high schools while strengthening science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. As a member district, I promoted the SECEP goal that every student graduating from Clio High School should have some college credits before graduating from high school. The goals are paying off. The numbers of students with college credits are expanding each year. Many students are now graduating with associates degrees before earning their high school diplomas.

My other new passion in education is partnerships between homeschool families and public schools. Partnerships are designed to enhance and augment for parents who are committed to educating their own children. These opportunities provide additional resources for parents to be in control of their children’s learning. No matter what the choices parents make in educating their children, there should be no judgment or criticism. By being a seasoned public school educator and homeschool advocate, I am excited to assist in growing partnerships around the state.

– Neil Bedell