Becky Redmer CBE Webinar & Podcast

Rose Colby & Dave Richards CBE Webinar & Podcast
February 1, 2018
Institute for Personalized Learning Webinar & Podcast
March 22, 2018

Becky Redmer, Executive Director of Jenison International Academy, presented for the EdTech Specialists CBE Webinar Series, Part 3. Jenison International Academy (JIA) was formally established in 2011 as an entity of Jenison Public Schools, with the purpose of personalizing a learning experience for students in West Michigan and abroad. Since that time, JIA has expanded to offer several specialized programs and pathways, providing unique opportunities for students to customize their learning. Discover how JIA was formed, along with the development of each program and service JIA offers to students.

Download the Podcast: Becky Redmer Podcast

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