Cindy Fadel: Parent Partnership Leader in Battle Creek

Sandy Standish: Comstock Public Schools ReImagine Demonstration District
January 28, 2010
Elliot Washor: Big Picture Learning
February 10, 2010

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In Cindy Fadel’s words:  I have found a new passion in education. I have been finding success in connecting others, as well as myself, with those who have – in education and a desire to transform the present system.  We have developed “The Hatchery” to support and offer opportunities that support redefining learning.” The mission of this Hatchery is to provide 20 innovative and cutting edge educational opportunities that will service all learners in our community.

All opportunities of the Hatchery will be free of charge and offered to all. The Hatchery will bring together community leaders, business leaders, parents, educators and students. We will encourage and help facilitate cooperative partnerships. We will foster and promote cooperation, not competition.  The voices of our students ring in the Hatchery.


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