Advocate for Districts


We Will Represent Your District’s Interests at the State Level
Proposal A shifted the source of educational policy to Lansing. The legislature sets the policies that MDE interprets and monitors. To push innovation forward, we need a statutory basis for K-12 Seat Time Waivers. We need to reframe Early College in ways that make sense for students. Additionally, we need a separate status for schools of innovation that allows districts the freedom to experiment to build programs based upon the needs of 21st Century learners. EdTech will represent interested districts in an initiative working with the Governor’s office, MDE, and key legislators to achieve these goals.

• Advocate for Districts at the Michigan Department of Education
EdTech Specialists has developed many good working relationships with individuals at the Michigan Department of Education. We would like to have the opportunity to advocate for districts at MDE that will allow for more targeted, meaningful conversations between MDE and EdTech Specialists, a highly regarded and respected group of consultants in MDE’s eyes

Advocate with Legislature and MDE for rules favorable to innovative districts