Assisting Candidates Prepare for Administrative Positions


• Assisting Candidates Prepare for Administrative Positions
EdTech Specialists would enjoy assisting candidates prepare for administrative positions. An EdTech Specialists consultant can serve as a mentor and advisor for those seeking positions and/or starting out in new positions.

• Digital Solutions for Educator Evaluations
Evaluations are supposed to measure performance and support professional growth; however, they are also time-intensive and sometimes the evaluation process itself can get in the way of reaching its intended outcomes. By adopting digital solutions, which reduce bureaucracy and decrease uncertainty, both educators and evaluators will be able to work smarter, not harder at evaluation.

• Review of Existing Educator Evaluation Process and Workflow
We offer a Process Audit of existing evaluation systems, which can help determine how effectively a school or district’s educator evaluation process is achieving its intended goals. This audit will:

  1. identify areas of strength and weakness in current evaluation process
  2. review the way performance is documented, feedback is provided, and communication takes place between evaluator and educator
  3. recommend practices to enhance the evaluation experience for both evaluator and educator

• Elicit Stakeholder Input on Evaluation Processes and Workflows
We can conduct surveys or focus groups to acquire perception data about existing and potential evaluation solutions. Feedback is then used to inform the development of evaluation solutions and guide implementation.

• Create Digital Workflows to Improve Educator Evaluation
We specialize in creating digital workflows, using low-cost or free digital tools, for educator evaluation to help districts by reducing paperwork, removing redundancies, and improving communication between evaluator and educator. Throughout the development of digital workflows, we coordinate with stakeholders, and counsel as needed, to ensure that the solutions meet the letter of the law and serve the needs of end users. This give districts an evaluation process that better measures performance and supports professional growth—allowing everyone to focus on what matters.

• Provide Training on Digital Solutions for Evaluations
We specialize in training opportunities and professional development for administrators and educators to help them understand and use the digital solutions we help them to create for educator evaluation.