Digital Solutions for Educator Evaluations


Evaluations are supposed to measure performance and support professional growth; however, they are also time-intensive. At times, the evaluation process itself can get in the way of it reaching its own intended outcomes. Despite best intentions by district staff, we have to face the reality that sometimes there is just too much bureaucracy (and not enough professional dialogue) in the evaluation process. But by adopting digital solutions, which increase systemic efficiencies and decrease uncertainty, both educators and evaluators will be able to work smarter, not harder at evaluation; thus, reducing anxiety around evaluation and fueling its ability to enhance professional practice.


Digital Solutions for Educator Evaluations


• District completes survey reviewing existing educator evaluation process and workflow
• Consultant reviews survey results to identify barriers and areas of inefficiency
• Consultant works with district to elicit stakeholder input on evaluation process and workflow to inform the design of digital solutions to increase efficiency and efficacy
• Consultant creates digital workflows and updated processes to improve evaluations
• Consultant plans and delivers professional development for staff on digital solutions