Homeschool Partnerships


EdTech Specialists has consultants who are homeschool parents, understand the Homeschool community, and can communicate with Homeschoolers in ways that build trust while creating a vision of the “win-win” for the Homeschool families and for the district.  We are witnessing more and more that Homeschool Partnerships are becoming the “incubator” for new ideas and initiatives that not only draw in Homeschool families but on a broader scale, reshape the entire mindset and thinking throughout the district and community.


Homeschool Partnerships


Phase One:

  • Determine if additional waivers are needed
  • Board decisions needed
  • Connect to Homeschool Community

Phase Two:

Creating a two-year plan and infrastructure for implementation including:

  • Choosing a Director
  • Connecting to Homeschool families
  • Choosing and creating courses and programs

Phase Three:

  • Growth and Expansion
  • Local development and instruction of Extended Learning courses/classes including:
    • Place-based
    • Virtual
    • Blended