Homeschool Partnerships


Creating a Homeschool Partnership Program: EdTech Specialists has consultants who are homeschool parents, understand the Homeschool community, and can communicate with Homeschoolers in ways that build trust while creating a vision of the “win-win” for the Homeschool families and for the district.  We are witnessing more and more that Homeschool Partnerships are becoming the “incubator” for new ideas and initiatives that not only draw in Homeschool families, but on a broader scale, reshape the entire mindset and thinking throughout the district and community with ideas that include:

  • Community Resource classes
  • Maker Space (which can be initiated with very little expense!).
  • Coding
  • Nature Schools

Our consultants can assist districts with:

  • Sharing best practices in Mentor assignments, organization and reporting
  • Online Vendor Selection
  • LMS selection and management
  • Drafting elective Class descriptions
  • Certified teacher PD specific to partnership teachers
  • Suggested Quality standards
  • Personalized learning
  • Alternative assessments
  • Beginning, growing, and maintaining a successful Partnernship