Implementation of Personalized Learning Models


• Virtual School Implementation
EdTech Specialists has helped numerous school districts create virtual schools. We assist with planning and implementation, including budget, personnel, curriculum, marketing and administration. Because we have experience navigating the process, we can efficiently and effectively help districts implement virtual schools.

• Coordination and Implementation of Homeschool Partnerships
The homeschool families are a very diverse and closely knit community. For a partnership to find success, a key is in developing a program that suits the needs of all of the homeschooling families. This includes engaging and building trust with all of the different types of homeschoolers. EdTech Specialists will help in building and expanding relationships and partnerships between districts and homeschoolers. We will also assist in making sure that the district and its auditor are in agreement on how best to build the partnership within the framework of the Pupil Accounting Manual.

• Management of Non-Traditional Enrollments
EdTech Specialists can assist you in the management of your non-traditional enrolled students as you begin your program. This can save you money as you build your program. As your program grows, EdTech Specialists will transition this management to your own coordinator/director.

• Coordination and Implementation of Online Curriculum, Policies and Procedures for Traditional, Online and Blended Learning Opportunities
This online curriculum can be used in multiple facets of the educational setting to enhance the educational experience of students. Traditional staff members can take advantage of the gizmos, labs and writing prompts that are available. Online course providers can be used to supplement face to face learning in a blended environment and used as a complete online curriculum package. Gain assistance in developing the structure that is most effective and efficient for your educational setting. The structure development is key to taking full advantage of this online curriculum.

• Grant Writing and Management
Whether you are looking for grant opportunities, need help researching, writing, reviewing, or reporting, we can help you through the process.

• Development of Competency Based Programs
As educational options become more of a reality, and seat-time becomes less relevant, schools will expect students to achieve mastery and to demonstrate competency. This is a big paradigm shift and requires a long, well-thought-out change process. We can help to facilitate and guide this process.

• Establish Blended/Hybrid Learning Environments
Teachers and schools are looking at ways to offer blended instruction. The process takes time to research, develop and implement. We can assist with all aspects of blended learning, including guidelines, communication, scheduling, curriculum sources, and delivery models.

• Implementation of Early College Programs
The Michigan Department of Education now allows students to remain in school a 13th year so that, upon graduation, each student can receive both a high school diploma plus certification, an associate’s degree, or other post-secondary opportunities. Early College goes beyond dual enrollment options. Contact EdTech Specialists to walk you through the process of applying and implementing this program for your students.

• Working with Districts on Individualizing Curriculum
EdTech Specialists has led the way in student-centric initiatives with districts across Michigan. We look forward to sharing our experiences and vision with districts that are seeking to individualize instruction.

• Project-Based Learning (PBL)
EdTech Specialists has sensed the continuing demand for PBL in schools. This systematic teaching method provides high levels of student voice and choice in learning, incorporates 21st-century skills, and engages students in inquiry to address authentic questions. Whether schools want to develop PBL curriculum or train their teachers in PBL methods, we can provide the resources or training needed to support successful implementation of PBL.

• Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
By working with stakeholders to review existing curriculum, we offer assistance in the development, deployment, and assessment of STEM curriculum. We will help schools and districts to identify existing resources and opportunities for offering more STEM options to students and make recommendations about additional needs to reach their desired goals with STEM. This might include the development of new/pilot STEM courses, acquiring funding, community partnerships, training of instructional staff, or assistance in the design of STEM classroom facilities, e.g., makerspaces and learning ecosystems.

• Visual Literacy and Visible Thinking
Help teachers to get students understanding the thinking of others, as well as their own thinking, through image-rich content. Content creation and training opportunities are available, in a variety of customizable formats, for teachers to engage their students in making their thinking visible. We will provide teachers with a variety of digital and low/no-tech tools and instructional activities to make student thinking visible.

• Assisting with Curriculum Review
We specialize in the development, deployment, and assessment of science curriculum to ensure student learning and alignment with state standards. We will work with your science teachers and curriculum department to review existing curriculum and make recommendations to enhance it.

• Training for Science Teachers
The Michigan Science Standards and NGSS call for a very different approach to teaching and learning in science than ever before. We can provide training for science teachers to support success with teaching the Michigan Science Standards, developing lessons aligned to the standards, and how to engage students in the Science & Engineering Practices of the standards. Training can be done in either content-specific areas or with general instructional practices that align with the Michigan Science Standards. These professional development opportunities can be customized to meet the needs of a district or school.

• Formative Assessment
We provide staff development to help classrooms incorporate more formative assessment in their teaching to support dynamic and ongoing learning. Teachers learn formative assessment techniques to help students articulate their thoughts more visibly, reflect on their own thinking against feedback, and refine their understanding. All the meanwhile, teachers are able to collect data over time on student learning and develop a more comprehensive picture of what students know and are able to do.

• Professional Development for Educators
Whether your school has been using Google Apps (G Suite) for some time now, or if you are newer to the platform, we can help your staff take their Google knowledge, skills, and abilities to the next level. Including a focus on web-based and mobile applications, we can provide customized training solutions for your staff on Google’s apps, including: Classroom, Drive, Gmail, Sites, Blogger, Slides, Docs, Sheets or Forms.