Mentoring & Coaching Early-Career Teachers


We specialize in supporting early-career educators with current best practices for the classroom and profession. We work with schools and districts to create a program that fits the needs they have to onboard and support their new teachers. Customizing content, format, and duration, we will develop and help lead an academy to support new teachers.


Mentoring and Coaching Early-Career or New Teachers in the Areas of: Instruction, Assessment, Leadership, Technology, and Relational Literacy


• District submits goals and hopes for teacher onboarding and new teacher training
• Consultant works with district to design a customized new teacher academy program
• Consultant leads or helps facilitate new teacher academy for district
• Consultant works with new, or early-career, educators in regular individual or group executive sessions
• Consultant helps district to design, implement and facilitate instructional rounds with new, or early-career, teachers in district schools