Personalizing Instruction


Project Based Learning
Learning is a social process most effectively accomplished with the active engagement of the learner. Project-based learning is ideal for engaging learners. EdTech Specialists’ experienced educators can help you with all phases of project development from curriculum to assessment.

Development of Technology Infused Models of Instruction
Whether it be online instruction, web 2.0 applications, smart courseware, or others, EdTech Specialists can assist you in using technology to reach your students. We provide training on how to use specific applications and models of instruction in the classroom, and offer ongoing support as needed.

Development of Competency Based Programs
As educational options become more of a reality, and seat-time becomes less relevant, schools will expect students to achieve mastery and to demonstrate competency. This is a big paradigm shift and requires a long, well-thought-out change process. We can help to facilitate and guide this process with the following services:

Create Foundation and Culture for Implementation
Includes developing Standards-Based Grading Model, Pathway(s) to Competency-Based Education, Online and Blended Models that support CBE, Learning Goals, Targets, Scales, and Assessments to Measure Competency.

Establish Blended/Hybrid Learning Environments
Teachers and schools are looking at ways to offer blended instruction. The process takes time to research, develop and implement. We can assist with all aspects of blended learning, including guidelines, communication, scheduling, curriculum sources, and delivery models.

Creation of Extended Learning Opportunities and Community Resource Programs
Support ‘any time, any place, any way, any pace’ initiatives that help schools to personalize learning for every student.” This statement can be found on priority lists of educational leaders. Now is the time to take advantage of the growing support for providing learning opportunities that can occur at any time, any place, any way, or any pace. EdTech Specialists wrote the book on creating extended learning opportunities and community resource programs. Let them help you get started today.

• Project-Based Learning (PBL)
EdTech Specialists has sensed the continuing demand for PBL in schools. This systematic teaching method provides high levels of student voice and choice in learning, incorporates 21st century skills, and engages students in inquiry to address authentic questions. Whether schools want to develop PBL curriculum or train their teachers in PBL methods, we can provide the resources or training needed to support successful implementation of PBL.

• Visual Literacy and Visible Thinking
Help teachers to get students understanding the thinking of others, as well as their own thinking, through image-rich content. Content creation and training opportunities are available, in a variety of customizable formats, for teachers to engage their students in making their thinking visible. We will provide teachers with a variety of digital and low/no-tech tools and instructional activities to make student thinking visible.

• Assisting with Curriculum Review
We specialize in the development, deployment, and assessment of science curriculum to ensure student learning and alignment with state standards. We will work with your science teachers and curriculum department to review existing curriculum and make recommendations to enhance it.

• Training for Science Teachers
The Michigan Science Standards and NGSS call for a very different approach to teaching and learning in science than ever before. We can provide training for science teachers to support success with teaching the Michigan Science Standards, developing lessons aligned to the standards, and how to engage students in the Science & Engineering Practices of the standards. Training can be done in either content-specific areas or with general instructional practices that align to the Michigan Science Standards. These professional development opportunities can be customized to meet the needs of a district or school.

• Formative Assessment
We provide staff development to help classrooms incorporate more formative assessment in their teaching to support dynamic and ongoing learning. Teachers learn formative assessment techniques to help students articulate their thoughts more visibly, reflect on their own thinking against feedback, and refine their understanding. All the meanwhile, teachers are able to collect data over time on student learning and develop a more comprehensive picture of what students know and are able to do.

• Analysis of Policy & Practice
In order to move toward a competency-based approach to teaching and learning, schools need to ensure that existing policies and practices around grading and assessment align with tenets of the competency-based educational model. We specialize in analyzing policies and practices for equity, efficacy, research basis, responsiveness, and accountability, including those pertaining to assessment and grading from the individual classroom to district-level.

• Development of Policy and Practice
Based on the analysis of policy and practice, we make recommendations to advance policies and practices toward a competency-based model and work to make revisions until they meet district needs. This might include assistance in creating competencies and standards, assessments, or transitioning from traditional to standards-based grading. We also provide training opportunities to help staff to adopt competency-based policies and practices

• Developing Learning Resources for Students
We recognize that sometimes even the most tech-savvy students can still struggle when learning a new platform. For districts who are going Google, training for students is essential to the success of Google implementation. We can assist with developing the resources, tutorial videos, or other curricular material needed to support students in learning any of the G Suite applications.