Personalizing Instruction


Project Based Learning
Learning is a social process most effectively accomplished with the active engagement of the learner. Project-based learning is ideal for engaging learners. EdTech Specialists’ experienced educators can help you with all phases of project development from curriculum to assessment.

Development of Technology Infused Models of Instruction
Whether it be online instruction, web 2.0 applications, smart courseware, or others, EdTech Specialists can assist you in using technology to reach your students. We provide training on how to use specific applications and models of instruction in the classroom, and offer ongoing support as needed.

Development of Competency Based Programs
As educational options become more of a reality, and seat-time becomes less relevant, schools will expect students to achieve mastery and to demonstrate competency. This is a big paradigm shift and requires a long, well-thought-out change process. We can help to facilitate and guide this process with the following services:

Create Foundation and Culture for Implementation
Includes developing Standards-Based Grading Model, Pathway(s) to Competency-Based Education, Online and Blended Models that support CBE, Learning Goals, Targets, Scales, and Assessments to Measure Competency.

Establish Blended/Hybrid Learning Environments
Teachers and schools are looking at ways to offer blended instruction. The process takes time to research, develop and implement. We can assist with all aspects of blended learning, including guidelines, communication, scheduling, curriculum sources, and delivery models.

New Ways to Teach Math for Greater Student Achievement
The traditional math classroom works for many students but not for all. For those students who are confined by a pace that is too fast or too slow or by a conflicting learning style, there are new options for math education that can help all students achieve competency. One new option is the flexible advancement in math using ALEKS courseware. This system of smart courseware and teacher support has been successfully used to improve math achievement. EdTech Specialists can help you implement and manage this option.

Development of Project-Based Entrepreneurial Mindset Programs
This program takes the approach that students can benefit from understanding and applying an entrepreneurial mindset (defined as the underlying beliefs and assumptions that drive the behavior enabling entrepreneurs to succeed) to any situation that demands change in their life. Contact EdTech Specialists for assistance in building such a mindset program that will encourage students to take that mindset knowledge and practice it as they create, implement and evaluate a self-directed project with a topic of their choosing.

Creation of Extended Learning Opportunities and Community Resource Programs
Support ‘any time, any place, any way, any pace’ initiatives that help schools to personalize learning for every student.” This statement can be found on priority lists of educational leaders. Now is the time to take advantage of the growing support for providing learning opportunities that can occur at any time, any place, any way, or any pace. EdTech Specialists wrote the book on creating extended learning opportunities and community resource programs. Let them help you get started today.