Professional Development and Teacher Training



Professional Development


Full Day, Action Packed Hands-On Writer’s Workshop Professional Development Session (Tools can be used in any subject area!)

Phase 1: Consultant meets with district leader or representative.

Phase 2: Full day (6 hour) session

• Welcome Presentation
• Tech Tools for Thinking/Idea Generating
• Tech Tools for Drafting
• Tech Tools for Collaborative Revising
• Green Screen and AR, App Smashing
• Finishing Touches
• Tech Tools for Publishing
• Authentic Group Sharing
• Resources/Handouts

Phase 3: Follow up PD Session

Provide additional smaller group sessions for advancement or in-depth work and project implementation.


Guidance on Michigan Science Standards

The Michigan Science Standards and NGSS call for a very different approach to teaching and learning in science than ever before. We can provide training for science teachers to support success with teaching the Michigan Science Standards, developing lessons aligned to the standards, and how to engage students in the Science & Engineering Practices of the standards.


Guidance with Michigan Science Standards/Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)


• Consultant conducts a curriculum cycle audit with district on the development, deployment, and assessment of their existing science curriculum against standards
• Consultant assists district with obtaining or developing appropriate science curriculum
• Consultant plans and delivers professional development for staff on content areas or science and engineering practices


G Suite for Education

Whether your school has been using G Suite (Google Apps) for some time now, or if you are newer to the platform, we can help your staff take their Google knowledge, skills, and abilities to the next level. Including a focus on web-based and native applications, we can provide customized training solutions for your staff


Staff Training & Student Resource Development for G Suite


• District completes survey on current practices and facility of use with G Suite
• Consultant reviews survey results to identify G Suite strengths and areas of focus
• Consultant works with district to design training and resources that meet the areas of focus with G Suite for either staff or students
• Consultant plans and delivers professional development for staff on G Suite
• Consultant creates student materials on G Suite for use in classroom learning