Pupil Accounting Compliance


• Navigation of Pupil Accounting Compliance Manual
In order to get funded for online and blended programs, it is critical that districts comply with pupil accounting rules. It is equally important to keep up with changes to the pupil accounting manual. While we help to foster innovation, we also help to navigate the pupil accounting process so that proper funding is provided to support the innovation.

• Implementation of Seat Time Waivers
Navigating the seat time waiver application can be confusing as more options for school districts emerge. EdTech Specialists has worked with districts across Michigan, each with their unique way of using the seat time waiver. We can work with you to complete your seat time waiver, as well as meet with you and your auditor to discuss compliance for your program.

• Assistance with Implementation and Compliance Relating to 21f
Section 21f of the School Aid Act gives secondary students the right to take online courses from the micourses.org catalog. Whether your choice is to shop for courses or build your own district’s capacity to deliver these online courses, EdTech Specialists can help you to reach your goals.

• Online Review Services for the State Catalog
These services include syllabi preparation, reviewer training, course reviewing, and review management. School districts in Michigan must submit a course syllabus to the Statewide Catalog for each online course they offer which includes a course review.

• Navigating and Complying with the Pupil Accounting Manual and Assistance in the Appeal Process
EdTech Specialists’ working knowledge of the Pupil Accounting Manual will be a great asset to districts that are implementing and pioneering new instructional models. Should a district need to appeal an audit, hire EdTech Specialists to help you navigate the process and construct the appeal. As opposed to hiring an attorney, this will be a more cost effective method for pursing an audit appeal.