Section 21f Consulting Services


• Assistance with Implementation and Compliance Relating to 21f
Section 21f of the School Aid Act gives secondary students the right to take online courses from the catalog. Whether your choice is to shop for courses or build your own district’s capacity to deliver these online courses, EdTech Specialists can help you to reach your goals. EdTech Specialists would like to visit your district, analyze your needs, and match programs and ideas and options that align with your district goals. A district can hang on to its FTE by setting up virtual course options now. Those options include setting up a virtual school that can operate statewide or locally. Another option is to have a cost effective list of vendor options for students.

• Online Review Services for the State Catalog
These services include syllabi preparation, reviewer training, course reviewing, and review management. School districts in Michigan must submit a course syllabus to the Statewide Catalog for each online course they offer which includes a course review.