Dave Richards Webinar & Podcast
May 29, 2015
Dave Eichberg Webinar & Podcast
May 31, 2015

Dave Tebo, Superintendent for Hamilton Community Schools, joined us for the EdTech Specialists’ Webinar Series on Competency Based Education and Blended Learning. Dave’s webinar is titled Empowering Educators – Smaller Pieces Build Better Learners.

Find out more about the Competency Based Education and Blended Learning Webinar Series.

Download the Podcast: Dave Tebo


About Dave Tebo:

Dave Tebo Superintendent, Hamilton Community SchoolsDavid is the passionate superintendent of Hamilton Community Schools. He is a father, husband and avid reader who relentlessly seeks ways to meet the needs of ALL students. David has been an elementary teacher, building principal and is serving students as the superintendent in his second district. A life-long learner, David constantly looks for ways to connect education to the world around us. He sees today’s technological resources as a way to design new learning experiences that meet ALL learners where they are, bringing context to content. He is one of eight recipients of the 2013 eSchool News Tech-Savvy Superintendent Award.

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