Dr. Grace E. Smith & Dr. Stephanie Throne: Play is Important for Deep Learning

Rogier Gregoire, Ed.D: Dialogue: The Pedagogy of Inquiry
December 23, 2009
Pat Farenga: Unschooling
January 23, 2010

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According to psychologists Piaget and Bruner, “Play is important for deep learning.” Although today’s students play video games outside school, they rarely play video games in school. Why?

Studies show that to engage today’s learners, teachers need to include interactive games and interactive “game-like” media into instruction, for a variety of reasons. Text and lecture are simply NOT enough.

This webinar points to the research and includes ideas and sites educators can use to reach today’s learners.

Webinar is from Thursday, January 7, 2010, 10:00am.


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