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September 10, 2015
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October 1, 2015

Ephraim Wiesstein, Schools for the Future, joined us for the EdTech Specialists’ Webinar Series on Competency Based Education and Blended Learning. Ephraim’s framing questions in this webinar is “What are the biggest challenges and potential solutions schools face in implementing CBE?

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About Ephraim Wiesstein:

Ephraim-Weisstein-BioFrom 1992-August 2007, Ephraim Weisstein built the Commonwealth Corporation’s youth development and education division into a nationally recognized leader in alternative education, community partnerships, and combining work and learning. Before joining the Commonwealth Corporation, Ephraim served as a principal of two alternative high schools, taught social studies and math, and was a certified school adjustment counselor/social worker.

Ephraim is most known for founding Diploma Plus, a nationally acclaimed alternative high school model operating 30 schools in eight states and serving 4,000 formerly disconnected youth. He is a leading national voice on competency-based education at both the policy and school implementation level.

Since 2011, Ephraim and his design team have been piloting a new model for off track 7-12 graders called Schools for the Future (SFF). The model personalizes learning for its students while using blended and competency-based education strategies. A Next Generation Learning awardee, SFF has been supported by the Charles Stewart Mott and Noyce, Foundations, the Carnegie Corporation, Michigan Future Schools, and the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Duval County Public Schools (Jacksonville, FLA), Path Academy in Windham, CT, and SFF Detroit are currently using some or all elements of the model.

Ephraim has also written extensively about education issues. From 2008-2012, he wrote four papers on multiple pathways to college and career, disconnected older youth, and mastery-based education for the Nellie Mae Education. His is a frequent blogger for Competency Works and similar forums. In February, 2015 he contributed to a research paper for the United Way of MA Bay on disconnected youth in MA.

Currently Ephraim is supporting the 21 Race to the Top districts to implement personalized learning strategies through a contract with AEM Corporation/the United States Department of Education, helping Diploma Plus grow its national school network, and disseminating SFF in MA with the help of the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


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