#GoOpen Part 2: The Classroom Says MOOC

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January 20, 2017
#GoOpen Part 3: Open Moodle Courses
February 17, 2017

February 3, 2017 — The largest resources in opencourseware are open courses, most of which are defined as MOOCs: massive, open, online courses. Many colleges, such as M IT , Harvard, and Yale o ffer MOOCs. Initially, many MOOCs offer courses for pleasure or personal growth only; they do not earn credit or certification.

Due to the growth in the popularity of MOOCs, colleges and organizations now do offer credit for a fee. Website such as Shmoop even offer college credit via a subscription service. Students work at their own pace and pay a monthly fee.


Resources for Free Online Courses

Khan Academy

Khan academy began mostly as simple lessons and Youtube demonstrations for K12 math courses. Now, their catalog has expanded to include not only a full math curriculum, but humanities and coding. Students create free accounts and use a clean interface to proceed through each course. Weekly emails allow parents to track student progress.

Coursera & edX


Coursera and edX both provide a catalog of MOOCs from a variety of resources, such as Stanford, University of Michigan, and University of Oxford. Users not only have the option to take them at home, online, and often at their own pace, they can also download an app for use on a wide variety of mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android. Certificates can also be earned, for a fee, which range from $15-$25,000. Catalogs g row each year, and not only in higher ed, but also in K12 and professional training in nearly every field.

For classroom use, schools can expand their offerings for gifted programs, technology courses, and more. Teachers can also use the courses to augment or supplement their own courses, by using a short MOOC as a unit during the school year.

Coursera | AppStore | Google Play
edX | AppStore | Google Play


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