#GoOpen Part 3: Open Moodle Courses

#GoOpen Part 2: The Classroom Says MOOC
February 3, 2017
March 3, 2017

February 17, 2017 — When seeking open resources, may not need to look much further than their current LMS. Due to its open software platform and robust online community, Moodle, offers the ideal environment to build courses using open resources. However, districts and teachers can take this a step further, by downloading free, fully built Moodle courses, to upload into their school’s LMS. These courses can then be customized and monitored for that teacher’s needs.


The first place most Moodle instructors look is M oodle.net. This catalog provides a wide variety of courses and Moodle activities that are free to download, after registration. The site provides a keyword search to narrow down the offerings. Resources range from quizzes to units on Poetry, to full courses in a variety of subjects.


FreeMoodle provides a slightly smaller category of courses for download. Many subjects are included, such as fine arts, foreign language, and informational technology. Teachers should ask their IT specialist or Moodle admin about their sites restrictions on upload size. Some will not allow uploads greater than 8MB, which limits the resources that can be used.

Finally, sometimes individual schools, libraries, Moodle partners, and other sites offer a few Moodle courses. This is often a good place to look for skills centered courses, such as “How to Use Moodle” or even “How to Surf the Web” type courses, though sometimes fully functional curriculum also appears.

A few of those resources are:

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