Institute for Personalized Learning Webinar & Podcast

Becky Redmer CBE Webinar & Podcast
February 26, 2018
The World of Work – Ed Hidalgo Webinar
September 8, 2018

In this EdTech Specialists webinar, you will get an introduction to the Institute for Personalized Learning and their Honeycomb Model, with an explanation of the how this framework supports a change strategy. Creating a system designed around personalized learning requires a shift from an instructional paradigm to a learning paradigm, which occurs with an intentional design of personalized learning elements, leading to systemic change. The Institute’s approach for systemic transformation is grounded in the Systemic Implementation of Personalized Learning Elements (SIMPLE) process. We will share this process, provide examples, and engage in dialog about how all the components of the honeycomb build on one another to eventually redesign the entire system.

Download the Podcast: Institute for Personalized Learning Podcast


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