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December 27, 2015
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January 3, 2016

Rose Colby, co-author of “Off the Clock: Moving Education from TIME to COMPETENCY,” joined us for the EdTech Specialists’ Webinar Series on Competency Based Education and Blended Learning. In this webinar, Rose addresses “building coherence in the infrastructure competency education.” C

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About Rose Colby:

Rose-Colby-BioRose Colby is the co-author of Off the Clock: Moving Education from Time to Competency (Corwin 2012). She is a Competency-Based Learning and Assessment specialist and serves as a national advisor and contributor to She is currently a 2Revolutions Fellow supporting educators in designing competency-based learning systems.  Rose has been the Principal in Residence of the New England League of Middle Schools; Principal in Residence, NH School Administrators Leading with Technology Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a former secondary school principal and high school Biology and Chemistry teacher. She has presented at national conferences and forums on competency-based learning and digital learning.

For the past eight years, Rose has had the honor of working with many teachers and school leaders across the nation to develop and design a new learning system.

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