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Part Two – The Value Add to Online Teaching
March 31, 2017
Patricia DeKlotz CBE Webinar & Podcast
January 15, 2018

Brian M. Stack, MEd, and Jonathan G. Vander Els, MEd, joined us for the EdTech Specialists’ Webinar Series on Competency Based Education. In this webinar and podcast, we learn more about CBE through the eyes of two New Hampshire educators, Brian Stack and Jonathan Vander Els, who have been instrumental in leading the way at Sanborn Regional School District, one of the national leaders in the K-12 CBE movement.

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About Our Guests Brian M. Stack & Jonathan G. Vander Els

Brian M. Stack, MEd, is principal of Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston New Hampshire. Since 2010, Brian has been a member of the research, design, and implementation team for Sanborn Regional School District’s nationally recognized K-12 competency-based learning system. Brian is the recipient of the 2017 Charles A. Napoli New Hampshire Secondary School Principal of the Year award.

Jonathan G. Vander Els, MEd, is the director of innovative projects for the New Hampshire Learning Initiative, an organization dedicated to seeding and supporting innovation and personalized learning in New Hampshire schools. Formerly, Jonathan was principal of Memorial Elementary School in Sanborn Regional School District in New Hampshire. Under his leadership, Memorial became a nationally recognized model professional learning community (PLC) on AllThingsPLC and competency-based learning elementary school. Jonathan is also involved in the New Hampshire Performance Assessment of Competency Education, a first-of-its-kind accountability and assessment waiver granted by the U.S. Department of Education.

The above information is taken from the newly released book, authored by Brian and Jonathan: Breaking with Tradition: The Shift to Competency-Based Learning in PLCS at Work. 

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