Sandy Standish: Comstock Public Schools ReImagine Demonstration District

Pat Farenga: Unschooling
January 23, 2010
Cindy Fadel: Parent Partnership Leader in Battle Creek
February 9, 2010

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Project ReImagine Summary

Too often, programs are designed for children as if they lived their lives in silos, as if each stage of a child’s life were independent of the other, unconnected to what came before or what lies ahead. ~ James Heckman, 2007

Like James Heckman, it is our belief that our current educational system is unconnected and disjointed, which ultimately leads to disengagement at an alarmingly earlier and earlier age. Through a spirit of collaboration with our teachers, students, parents, and community members, Comstock Public Schools will design a comprehensive educational experience that will truly meet the individual needs of each student, a plan that follows the child from birth to post-high school graduation.

This is accomplished through the development of a:

  • Birth to Five outreach program
  • PreK through 12 Plus Educational Development Plan (EDP)
  • Extended day/year learning program
  • Family Connection/Education program

The birth to five outreach program will connect young families with the school system as well as local service providers who we will partner with in supporting these families. If we follow the research that touts the importance of early childhood interventions, this focus area addresses the core challenges relating to parent involvement and the growing concern that incoming students have had limited exposure to those basic school readiness factors that support student success.

The development of a PreK-12 Plus EDP will provide our students with a sense of direction and purpose as they actively participate in their education.

The development of extended day/yearlong learning opportunities for all stakeholders again connects students, parents, community members, post-secondary institutions, and employers. It is our belief that learning does not necessarily take place between the four walls of a classroom, and that if we are to engage students in their own learning processes, we must provide alternative educational opportunities that are personally relevant.

The development of a family-education program for all stakeholders moves us into the arena of becoming a true educational community that not only works with school age children, but also provides training for parents and community members.

Webinar is from Monday, January 25, 2010 – 10:00am

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